Re-Energized and It Feels So Good

August 03, 2013

​Had a fantastic day. Well, fantastic week actually. Today was just the cherry on top. Spent the week seeing different friends and catching up. It’s nice spending time with genuinely good folks that I like and respect. This afternoon, I sat in on David Lindsay-Abaire’s master workshop - so inspiring and informative. I feel recharged and ready to work. 

An aunt passed away a few months ago - it was really unexpected and sudden - yet not. Cliched as it is - life IS short.  I don’t want to waste a minute of it



July 22, 2013

​This entry is going to read like a “Dear Diary” episode. Can’t be helped, my brain is too tired to connect the dots.

Last week has been a whirlwind of activities. I’m tired, but buzzing with excitement too.

The hubs and I saw “Monkey” at Lincoln Center. It was fun, but I had higher expectations of it. I wish it were less spectacle and more story. I felt a little dramaturgy could have gone a long way.

I also saw “Nobody Loves You” at Second Stage Theatre with my friend, Jane. Had such a great time at the show and at dinner. Jane is amazing - I’m so inspired by her. She was also nice enough to invite me to join a writer’s group she’s starting up. Btw, the musical is such fun. I had one of the songs stuck in my head for days after. Go see it!

I met up with Jodi for summer drinks at Cha Chaan Tang. Such a wonderful time talking with her. She’s one of the bravest people I know. And so freaking talented too. I left there ready to do work.

52nd Street Project's
52nd Street Project’s “Make It Snappy”

A short play of mine was included in 52nd Street Project’s “Make It Snappy” show. I was so in awe of the roster of creatives for that show - and so happy to be included. The kids involved in the program were awesome on the stage. Learned a lot about writing for kids. Can’t wait to do it again.The hub’s family also met for a belated birthday celebration for my father-in-law. We ate so much Kalbi and cake!Today, I got to see my friend, Heather. She was the “be fri” to my “st ends” in high school. It’s been awhile since we last saw each other. But we always pick up where we last left off easily. Finally got to check out Mission Chinese. Didn’t love it. We ordered the Chongqing wings, smashed cucumbers, Mapo Tofu, and Kung Pao Pastrami. Everything was too salty and spicy for us.All this busyness reminds me that life is good.

Oh, the Possibilities

January 21, 2013

​D and I tossed around the idea of moving to a different country for a while. We often dream of packing up and traveling, but this time it really might just happen. Well, that is if A happens then B then move. I’m the Queen of making different plans just in case… but we’ll see. Hopefully, at the very least, we can get away for a good long while.


January 21, 2013
Buenos Aires Zero Degrees
Buenos Aires Zero Degree

​There are only three things that I am fan girl level obsessed with, and Wong Kar Wai films are one of them. I just finished watching Buenos Aires Zero Degree: The Making of Happy Together. It showed behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes, scrapped story lines, problems during filming, and WKW’s process. I felt like one lucky fly on the wall. And I can’t wait to see The Grandmaster. It’s only been ten years in the making…WKW4EVR (pls read ironically.)

3 for 3

January 18, 2013

​Tonight was the last night of a three night streak of dining out with different groups of friends at some of my most favorite restaurants - Salt and Fat, Sripraphai, and Ayada Thai. It was nice catching up and having a few laughs. Good friends are hard to find - I’m treasuring the ones I have.

It’s All a Blur

January 17, 2013

​How is it mid-January already?

November and December passed happily in one big blur and I’m just waking up from my holiday haze. I loved spending time with family and friends.  I was also very lucky to have the opportunity to participate in two shows in December - MOCA’s Sequels and Ma-Yi’s Orphans of the Nightingale of the Desert: A Bollywood Spectacular. Being around talented folks is always humbling and inspiring. Good times.

Photo credit: Angela Lin
Photo credit: Angela Lin

Reading Smarter, Not Harder

November 28, 2012

​I’ve been having a hard time meeting my one book a day quota. Well, that was until I figured out how to do it smarter. First off, I decided I wouldn’t tackle any 200 plus page books unless I had more than 3 hours at my disposal. It takes me a little under 3 hours to finish 200 pages. Secondly, books with pictures (mainly guides, style books, things of those sort) are my friends. Less words. more visuals but they still meet the requirement. This is a trick I learned from my niece. (Cue genius laughter which sounds a lot like evil laughter.)

Some things that I’ve learned about myself so far during this crazy project:

1. I get distracted easily.

2. I multitask way too much.

3. I try to read too many books at one time. (This is something my brother always chides me about. He thinks there’s no way that one can fully understand a book that way. He might be right.)

4. I might be a book hoarder.

Watercolor Memories

November 21, 2012

​I’m not the artist of the family, but I couldn’t resist picking up this Fifi Lapin watercolor tin, esp. since it was practically free. While I play mostly with words (and D is the one who makes crazy visuals), it would still be nice to be able to throw color onto a page without cringing at the outcome.

fifi lapin watercolor set
fifi lapin watercolor set

I haven’t owned a watercolor set since grammar school. This tin reminds me of my high school best friend who is one of five sisters, and I was always envious of their Little Women like existence. I was always in awe of how artistic they each are and so chic. I miss the simple days of school and watercolor drawings…

Sing It, Etta!

November 16, 2012

​Etta James’At Lastplayed in my head after I turned the last page of the book I was reading. It took 5 days to read 400 pages because work, theater meetings, dinner dates, and well, life got in the way. But it was satisfying to get through the book. With the Thanksgiving holiday coming up, I’m really looking forward to trying to knock out a book a day. Going to be smarter about it and maybe choose books with less pages… heh, I’m reading a play right now to make today’s quota.

Work has been so busy that I really felt I was drowning in piles and piles of paper. Finally able to come up for some air. The upcoming weekend has never looked so good before. Theater plans, dinner with friends tonight. Last night’s dinner with friends ended after midnight. Good but tiring times. Also, happy to be back at Ma-Yi Writer’s Lab this season. I missed these crazy playwrights. Community is important, no? I loved sitting in last night’s meeting and hearing their work.

And for the shopaholics (like me!) out there, here’s 20% off from now through December 31st. Use 20Gilt. You’re welcome.

You Win Some, You Lose Some

November 11, 2011

​So, yesterday’s read a book in one day was a fail. I got through 250 pages before I petered out.  Well, actually life got in the way - dinner plans, work, writing, the TV, etc. I guess I have to make allowances for that and not be so strict about it all. D’s nickname for me is Robot, because I have a hard time being flexible and I take things too literally. I can’t help it if changes just do not compute sometimes.

But I did make some headway on a new play. It started out as a play about my mom and her siblings growing up during the 70’s in Alphabet City (sorry, fam for telling secrets!) but now has morphed into a mystery inspired by a news article I read a few years back… plus, some parts are still inspired by family events. It’s different from anything I’ve written, which makes it exciting and very scary.

Theme of the day… listening to:  You Can’t Always Get What You Want

A Book A Day

November 09, 2011

​I have this crazy idea to try to read a book a day everyday from now on for the next year. The bookworm in me is very excited by this prospect. The pragmatist - not so much. I already feel like there’s not enough hours in a day to get stuff done. But I’m tired of looking at the growing pile of books on my desk. Plus, reading makes me happy. Except when it’s a sad story. I’m not heartless, you know. So, tomorrow will be day one of this nerdy experiment of mine.