About me

​I love stories. When I was a tot, I’d walk around lugging my Golden Books, not because I was showing off my reading skills but because I treasured them more than anything else I owned.  I’ve since graduated from Golden Books. Some of my favorite writers are Haruki Murakami, Tracy Letts, JD Salinger, Banana Yoshimoto, Theresa Rebeck, David Foster Wallace, and George Saunders.

I’m a member of the Ma-Yi Writer’s Lab, a former ABC/Disney Grant Recipient for New Talent in Screenwriting, an ABC/Disney Writing Fellowship finalist, and a Women’s Project Lab finalist. My short plays have been published by Smith & Kraus. You can see my crazy web serial atprettypreciousunicorns.com. I used to write press releases for a living and have had a few articles published by online mags.